NAMC, Southern California Chapter recognizes the reciprocal benefits of partnering with private sector corporations in addition to local government agencies. It is for that reason we have formed the Major Corporate Group (MCG) formerly known as the Major Corporate Partners Program (MCP).


Through training, legislative initiatives, and partnerships, NAMC seeks to increase construction capacity and economic inclusion, serving as a key resource for minority and women-owned businesses in the industry


Our growth and ability to continue to provide valuable and successful opportunities and programs would not be possible without the dedication and support of our MCG.  It is our hope that your efforts will have considerable implications on the future growth of minority contractors in Southern California.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.




NAMCSC offers you the ideal opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the promotion of minority contractors.   Here you will be able to forge healthy, long-lasting partnerships that are in line with your company’s objectives.  By sponsoring NAMCSC, you will be affiliated with NAMCSC activities and recognized as a leader in promoting diversity.  You would not only be investing in the growth of your own company, but in the progression of minority contractors of Southern California.


We feel that any business that wants to stay competitive must constantly seek new markets, new technologies, new products and new alliances.   It makes good strategic sense to form alliances with organizations like NAMCSC.  It is in the best interests of both your company and our members to create these alliances.



National Sponsors - $500.00 Local Sponsors - $2,500.00

​Annual Membership Period:  January 1 – December 31