2019  Awards Dinner


Partner with NAMC-SC to Promote

Prosperity and Equity for All

Thus far in 2019, we have made many contributions with outreach and information distribution to our NAMC-SC members and are preparing many new avenues and resources for the inclusion of diversity in the SOCAL construction arena. As we rapidly approach 2020 we will first celebrate these milestones with our 20TH Annual NAMC Awards Dinner.  It will reveal the contributing corporations and your commitment of inclusion.  Additionally, you, the contributing corporation will gain exposure to over 200 NAMC-SC members which, enables the ability to build positive relationships with a growing community of minority trade professionals as well as subcontracting, joint ventures and enhanced capacity building opportunities. This collaboration creates innovative building solutions, corporate recognition and, secures utilization of an expert work pool. NAMC-SC is committed to realizing a greater sense of incivility in the construction industry.